Don’t think social media matters. You’re wrong! Unless you plan to retire within the next 24 months you need to come up with your social media strategy now. Even if your existing customers aren’t there now your future ones will be and social is how they’ll be making buying decisions.

Social media is a lot like investing. The best time to get started would’ve been years ago but if you haven’t yet then the next best time to start is NOW!

Here’s why:

  • You are no longer in control of where you make your 1st impression.
  • Your current and future success could depend on your brand consistency both online and off.
  • SOCIAL CAPITAL:  All things being equal the person who gets ahead is the person who has a stronger social presence.

Get started today. Determine the platform your existing customers are spending the most time and show up. Remember, everyone starts at zero. Just make sure to be consistent.

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