When it comes to selecting the right platform on social media the options can be daunting. With so many options and new rules and changes happening at a feverish pace; how can you decide. Especially if you haven’t started or don’t have the time to be present on each one.

When selecting the platform that best suites your business there are two things you must consider:

  1. What goals are you looking to accomplish?
  2. Which is your preferred method of communication?

When it comes to goals almost everyone’s top priority is to gain more customers. Or, to achieve the status of being a thought leader in your field… in order to gain more customers!

When I refer to goals, I’m speaking more along the lines of who is the demographic you’re wanting to reach. Depending on what your goals are for today and who you plan to service in the next 3-5 years will direct the platform that’s right for you.

The second part to consider is which method of communication are you best suited for. Granite most platforms have evolved to all cater to video, but what if that’s not where your talent lies. Maybe you’re an excellent writer and therefore you’re much better off focusing on LinkedIn vs. Instagram. Or maybe you have an excellent eye to curate photo collections, and you should lean more into Pinterest. Whichever you choose, the version of communication you’re most talented at will generate the best results. Talent over hype or trends will always win!

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