If you’re anything like myself you’re attending parties, galas and events all year round. One thing you’ll notice is that as the temperature heats up it’s hard to wear your items from the fall. Get a jumpstart on everyone else and invest in your spring/summer event essentials now. Not only will you the best and most appropriately dressed for the weather but you’ll also maximize your investment.

Summer Weight Tuxedo or Blazer

Step up your seasonal formal game by opting for a tuxedo in a summer fabric such as cotton, linen or silk blend. If you don’t want to go full on Gatsby, you can always opt for a jacket only.

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Go Sockless and Ditch Your Laces

I’m lucky enough where my ankles never get cold. Or at least I tell myself that; so, I never wear socks. However, even if you prefer wearing socks the get rid of your cap-toe or lace up dress shoes and try a loafer instead. The great thing is you can wear them all summer with everything from jeans to suits.

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Warm Weather Accessories

Wearing a tie in the summer may not be your thing but accessories still reign supreme when it comes to amplifying an outfit. These are good options.

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