Keep saying YES until you’re so busy you’re forced to say no. That is the motto. Not only will you grow but you’ll learn and it may prepare you for future opportunities.

This was the case in me moderating and creating the first expert panel at the Home & Garden show. Although I’ve been on the other side of panels or Q & A sessions, I’ve never been tasked of creating one. 

However, it was amazing to watch it all come together. Helping select the panelists. Coming up with the questions. Weaving in my expertise with fashion trends and design.

All in all it turned out to be a great experience AND… I see more in the future. Not only has one of the panelist already reached out for future presentations but so has the brass at the HBA and I can’t wait.

In hindsight all the greatest leaps I’ve made professionally was saying YES to things. Even before I knew exactly how I was going to make it work. But you know what? IT ALWAYS WORKS and even if it doesn’t you learn.

There’s power in YES! So do yourself a favor and the next time you get asked to do something slightly out of your comfort zone. Take a second before you say no and just go for it. 

Thank me later.

Special thank you the the panelists: Michael Reper of Nest Showroom, Wendy O’Brien of Wendy O’ Brien Interior Design and Russ Swalburg of Exterior Spaces

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