The first thing I mention when working with clients or giving presentations is that the most important aspect of looking good is buying clothes that fit. Regardless of budget, age or body type, if you can find clothes that are tailored for you it instantly elevates your image. In addition to causing you to move differently.

I always suggest setting aside 5-10% of your wardrobe budget for alterations. 

Not sure where to go? Ask a friend or a boutique you frequent. For simple alterations possibly your dry cleaner but typically I’ll leave them to cleaning my clothes.

Common Alterations for Men:

  • Pants Length
  • Button Replacement (Inexpensive update)
  • Jacket Length
  • Taper Trousers
  • Neck Roll on Jacket
  • Shirt Darts

Common Alterations for Women: (All of the above plus)

  • Remove Pockets
  • Waistband Adjustment
  • Bust Line Adjustment (to lay flat)


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