Personal Styling Packages

Aesthetic basics begin with branding. And that begins with the first thing people see. Wardrobe.

Every wardrobe branding package begins with The LifeSTYLest Image & Lifestyle Questionnaire. With insight into likes, dislikes, shopping habits, career aspirations—and overall lifestyle—we can access your needs, and steer you on your aesthetic journey. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1 - An in-home closet and wardrobe appraisal.

Step 2 - Discovery and activization of your strategy for success.

Step 3 - Customization.

Success Story

“Vulnerable share here….Soooo I honestly still feel like I’m playing dress-up when I get ready in the morning. I figured it was time to get out of my funk, when I listened to Brandon speak at an event. I approached him with serious trepidation but he was so easy and fun to talk to, so I made the leap and hired him. The first meeting was going through my closet….and the hot flashes of terror as the pile for goodwill grew and grew but he was always so positive about why I needed to let these old friends go….and then we went shopping…and more hot flashes, sometime almost tears over how uncomfortable I was at my current weight, but he helped me find this amazing dress for the Street of Dreams block party. I was terrified to wear it since I haven’t worn a hemline above my knees ever since I entered my 40’s. He encouraged me that I could still be ‘contemporary’ as I age and we had so much fun finding even more beautiful and fun pieces at the House of Lolo. If you are on the fence or have always wondered what a stylist could do for you, please call Brandon – The LifeSTYLest . He works so hard to make it work for you and has the best attitude and energy to try and gently push you/me into this century! You won’t regret it!!”

Veronica Park
Principal Broker, Cascade Sotheby’s International

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