When it comes to making a lasting impression, the occasion will direct how you should dress. If you’re meeting with a client or involved in a more intimate setting you should dress one way…but what if you’re attending a huge event with thousands of people?

How to STAND OUT in a crowd.

Whenever I’m attending a gala or an event, I want to make a splash and maximize my branding opportunities. I know that most likely I’ll only get to speak to a handful of people but that doesn’t mean I only have to get noticed by a few.

In this instance MORE is MORE. Whether than means amplifying the color or wearing a statement accessory; I’m looking for something to get me noticed… in the best of ways. That way when I do have a chance to speak to that person the next time they’ve already been sold. All I must do is not mess it up!

Another great reason to elevate your style at events is there are times for everyone when aren’t at our best and don’t feel like approaching people. On these occasions when you don’t feel outgoing, your outfit can speak for you. Let what you wear be the conversation starter and have people feel compelled to talk to you!

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