In episode 3 of Style Speaks I sat down with singer, songwriter and record producer, ISSA!

Born in Dakar, Senegal and is now one of Portland’s brightest musical acts!

In this interview, I$$a tells the stories of when he was younger and living in Senegal, his journey over to America and eventually settling over in Portland as his hometown, his journey into music and eventually getting noticed by music superstar, Akon and more! A great interview that you dont’t want too miss out on!

In this episode you’ll learn:
* What’s it like following your passion even when your family and culture don’t approve. 9:25
* The power of receiving validation as a creator. 15:10
* Why leadership has nothing to do with followers. 20:39
* Why style has the greatest reach of any brand touch point. 23:01
* His biggest advice to artists. 25:18
* How layering touch points can multiply the impact of an experience. 26:38
* Why you need to build your brand incrementally. 30:26
* The impact your brand has on the success of future endeavors. 39:41
* Definition of marketing. 42:11

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