Document, Curate or Create? That is the question.

As the need for engaging valuable content increases two glaring issues come to mind:

  1. How do I set aside enough time for creative thinking to generate engaging content?
  2. What is my marketing budget and is it enough to generate the results I desire?

When it comes to providing content for your audience there are typically 3 ways:

Document: Just as it sounds it is simply documenting what you do. What does your day look like? What issues are you facing? You’re giving your audience a bird’s eye view into your business life.

Curate: Researching topics that your audience will find valuable and provide your opinion on the subject. Think of yourself as the reporter of your specific niche or industry.

Create: Creatively come up with content that your audience will find valuable. By value I mean something useful or entertaining.

After everything was said and done the decision to start my vlog was simple. It provided the most value with the highest ROI of any of the three methods.

Documenting allows me to provide insight, tips, failures, and much more into how I’m growing my business. Plus, it highlights me as an expert in my industry more than simply curating because all the ideas provided are original.

Compared to creating content it’s much less time consuming. Additionally, by utilizing each episode as pillar content it provides numerous unique pieces to be shared over each platform. Thus, allowing me to be everywhere all the time!

I simply wanted to share what’s been working for me. I’m a strong believer that of the three documenting has the highest ROI. Of course, either of them can be successful.

I recommend that whichever method you choose, your method of delivery should be suited to your skillset. Whether that’s video, audio or written word. It’s easy to want to do what appears popular or what everyone else is doing. (Shiny Penny Syndrome) Yet, finding what your gifted at and then utilizing that option will always generate the best results.

Let me know how you guys generate content or unique ways to think creatively. I’d love to hear what working for you!

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