As a wardrobe stylist it’s crucial that I stand out. That is one of the primary reasons I always shop online. However, it’s also a tactic I utilize often with my wardrobe styling clients.

The biggest issue I hear from everyone when it comes to shopping online is that the clothes never quite fit. Here’s a simple solution to fix that problem once and for all!

How to Make Sure Your Items Fit Perfect:

Step One: To begin you must take a trip to your local stores or boutiques. Although the selection may be lacking, they should carry the range of fits offered by a brand. Especially chain stores such as J. Crew and Banana Republic.

Step Two: Try on EVERYTHING. If you don’t know if you’re a petite or a regular… try on both. Looking to update your spring wardrobe and stow away your fall items; try on new items in lighter fabrics because they tend to fit differently. Additionally, you’ll want to try on the various ranges of fit to see which are the most flattering for your body type.

Even I’m guilty of the dressing room selfie.

Step Three: Set aside 5-10% for minor alterations. Although the clothes will fit much better, you’ll most likely still need minor alterations. However, when shopping online you can typically find a wider selection and frequent sales to absorb any tailoring cost.

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