I finally decided to launch my vlog this year after a year plus of apprehension and delay. The reason, I simply didn’t think I had enough interesting content that anyone would want to watch. The reality is that people love to see what’s going on. Plus having a vlog is the simplest way to pump out fresh unique content that hopefully will get into the hands of a future customer!

Therefore, don’t delay. Start now! Below are a few tactics I used that is sure to help you get started.

  1. Figure out audience: Why are you doing it and who are you doing it for? Is this to engage with your existing audience or expand to a different one? This will also determine the structure and format on where your vlog lives. (YouTube vs. IGTV)
  2. Determine concept: After figuring who you want to reach the next step is to determine how to reach them. What are they interested in? Even listing out a couple episode concepts is extremely helpful.
  3. Watch a few vlogs…but not too many: I admit I probably went overboard in researching and watching too many vlogs. It can lead to overwhelm. Just remember, even the best vlogs started with zero subscribers.
  4. Determine schedule: Are you going to have daily, weekly, or monthly episodes? Whichever you choose consistency is key. Especially out of the gate.
  5. How are you going to record: Do you have a team, or will this truly be vlog style? This also helps you select the equipment needed. (Don’t fret… you can start with your iPhone)
  6. Consider how you’re going to gain traction: How will you get people to watch? Facebook ads. Organic reach. Maybe you’re going to deploy a campaign. Figure it out ahead of time and set goals.
  7. Stockpile the first few episodes: This is probably the best and worse thing I did. Because of #4 I wanted to make sure I was ahead of the curve. Yet when I watched it back, I saw how many errors I made. This is why #9 exists. FOREVER.
  8. Schedule meetings according to vlog content: Unless you’re recording daily it helps to stack your meetings, so you’ll have a full shooting day. Just make sure to let the people know they’ll be apart of your episode ahead of time.
  9. Adjust and ask questions: Like anything else it’s a work in progress. Find out what people like and don’t like. And make sure to respond to every comment. That’s the least you can do.

If you’re considering launching a vlog or have more detailed questions about the process feel free to contact me.

Phone: 503.715.1723

Email: brandon@lifestylest.com

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