With students from Heritage School of Interior Design. Each student’s outfit represented a different design aesthetic.

We all must get dressed everyday but how much thought do you put into what you wear? Did you select your outfit based around your favorite piece? Maybe you considered who you were meeting or what meetings you had for the day. Regardless on your personal process how often does it work out?

If you fail to plan you plan to fail and that is exactly why you need a personal dress code.

Even as a stylist this is something I stumbled upon and once creating one for myself and clients it’s worked wonders. Why? Because it takes the guesswork out of what to wear. Save time. Look Great. What could be better?

So how do you create your own dress code? The method I like to use is this:

  1. Break down your wardrobe into 4 categories: On-duty elevated. On-duty casual. Off-duty elevated. Off-duty casual.
  2. Create up to 4 outfits per category. (A minimum of two per category)
  3. Select your favorite outfit type per category. This helps you to always look your best.
  4. Dress accordingly.

That’s it. Simple to do but not easy.

The great thing about this is by creating it you’ll see areas in your wardrobe that need the most attention. This will help direct future shopping trips.

You’ll also learn how to transition day to night with the least effort while maintaining your authentic personal brand.

Do this and getting dressed will no longer be a struggle!

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