Relationships matter. Whether looking to establish a following online or expanding your in-person network there’s a systematic approach you should take to ensure success. They are:

  1. Understand the demographics of your target audience: The same is true in person or on social media. In order to make the right connections you first need to understand who you’re trying to reach and where they like to hangout. Will that be on Instagram vs. LinkedIn? Possibly both. In person it could be at a ball game or a specific charity event. Save time and money by doing your research beforehand and letting it direct you where to go.
  2. Make a lasting impression with your first impression: Depending on how you’re engaging will determine how you should show up. If it’s online, you want to make sure your message is clear and concise and provide value. Give them a reason to invest time and want to come back. If it’s in person, present yourself in a way that aligns with your product or service but also showcases your personality. Lastly, if you’re at a large event wear at least one piece that stands out or brands you. You won’t be able to chat with everyone but that doesn’t mean they can’t notice you.

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