Rarely does as much thought and effort go into what I’m wearing as when I’m attending a gala or special event. It’s the one time when “more is better” and you truly are expected to show up in your trendiest, most daring, and chicest of ensembles!

Building Hope Gala ’18

Here are some suggestions and ideas of what to wear to be fashionable and fabulous!

Women: Shine bright like a diamond… or sparkle like one. Of the moment sequins or texture is a great anchor for an outfit. Whether as a dress, skirt or jacket it will instantly elevate your look. Make sure to tone done the rest of your outfit so to not cause too much distraction.

Tom Ford A/W ’19

If sparkle isn’t your thing I’d opt for a print of some sort. Leopard, zebra or snakeskin are all fashion forward and can be found anywhere. Again, pairing it with neutrals allows your print to take it’s just due up front and center. Remember, everyone will be wearing black so the quickest way to not blend in would be to add print or a dose of a color.

On set KGW Live @ 7

Lastly never forget to accessorize. As I mentioned more is more! This is an opportunity to not only turn heads with your outfit but increase the visual interest with statement accessories. A magnificent clutch, statement jewelry or remarkable shoes never hurt anybody.

Gentleman: Our job is easier since we don’t have as many options but that doesn’t mean your outfit should be overlooked. Take a cue out of the women’s bag of tricks and throw on a statement blazer or illustrious jacket. An amazing third piece, as I like to call it, adds a necessary bit of panache to a classic outfit.

Tom Ford A/W ’19

Never has trends overlapped between sexes as much they do now. From various print to textures such as velvet has transverse into our closet too! If that sounds like too much, a suit is always considered a debonair option. Amplify its cool factor with a turtleneck or bowtie.

The last 10% in our outfit is also the most critical. Add a pocket square that compliments the color of your suit or a scarf that will look good and keep you warm at night. Finish it off with a nice watch and you’re all set for your red carpet appearance.

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