Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact of first impressions and the opportunities I’ve received by making a positive one.

A common way I generate new clients is by attending various parties or galas. Usually someone will stop me and either comment on my outfit and/or ask what I do, which then bodes well when I say I offer wardrobe branding. I always state that I am a walking billboard; but in truth we all are.

Attending FashioNXT 2018

In my branding presentation I refer to a study by Harvard Medical School that states people determine your competence and trustworthiness within a 0.25 of a second. That’s literally a blink of an eye. Once that assessment has  been made you may have the opportunity of reaffirming or changing their initial perception once conversing. But…what about the people you don’t get the chance to meet?

Most people we’ll never get the opportunity to meet or have enough of an in-depth conversation for them to really get to know us. In those circumstances your image or opinion of others is all they have to go by.

Ironically, there has been numerous times when I have met people for the first time that “ALREADY KNEW ME” because I stood out at previous events. Or, as I was introduced that same night, they had already taken notice!

This is not to brag but rather it forced me to think about what I do to make lasting impressions and how the event dictates my clothing choices. I believe I have come up with a systematic way for you to make your best impression regardless of engagement. Whether you’re attending a party or having a sales meeting with a new client. 

In my next article I’ll not only break down what to wear depending on what you’re doing but also what I refer to as the 90-5-5 Rule. Understanding this alone will help you clarify if you’re standing out or getting passed over. 

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