Whenever I’m getting dressed for an event or important meeting the first thing I do to determine my outfit is asking what response I would like to receive. Of course, the end results may vary depending on the event, but the methodologies and process are the same.

Step one is selecting an adjective that will describe my look. Sounds funny but different adjectives will bring clarity when choosing what to wear. Wanting to look cool is different than debonair. Which is completely different when I attempt to look sexy.

Step two is what really changes my focus when I’m meeting in person.

How to Make A Lasting Impression Up Close:

When meeting someone face to face for a meeting, presentation, etc. my number one focus is accessories. Think about it… when engaging with someone directly the details are what’s being noticed, thus providing the greatest opportunity for making a lasting impression. This is one scenario when it’s best to tone down your outfit to not cause a distraction.

Outfit tips for meeting face to face:

  • Make sure your shoes are clean. Free of scuff marks and polished.
  • It may sound obvious but don’t wear anything with stains or apparent wear and tear. (i.e. holes, frayed edges, faded)
  • Complete your outfit with a third piece. (jacket, blazer, accessory)
  • Accessories should be complimentary, not ostentatious. (scarves, pocket squares, jewelry. Maximum 1 statement piece)
  • Bonus: Make sure your scent(s) are pleasurable. (light cologne or parfum)


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