So you’ve decided you’re attending the sexiest party of the year… but you aren’t sure what to wear. No worries, luckily for you I’m uniquely qualified to provide style advice!

Mask or Outfit?

The first decision you need to determine when attending a masquerade ball is what do you want to be the focal point; the mask or the outfit? It can be overwhelming to have multiple standout pieces. Therefore I recommend choose one standout piece and let the other be the backdrop.

Impress or Less?

Don’t forget that this is a masquerade party that happens to take place on Halloween, not a Halloween party. Yet, just the idea of wearing a mask and potentially being unknown creates an aire of sexiness. Take ADVANTAGE. Ladies think sexy cocktail party. Even slighty risque but tasteful. Dresses of all lengths are accepted and if you opt for a more subdued mask embellishments and cutouts are a way to steal attention. Another surefire way to stand out: COLOR!

Men, let’s not be outdone!

Most likely our mask will be less extravagant than our female counterparts and therefore this is a great excuse to dress up. Blazers are a must but consider wearing a full suit or even a tuxedo! In this scenario the more debonair the better. Lastly, the one fabric that can guarantee an amazing experience: VELVET. (Thank me later)

Regardless the direction you choose the mood, atmosphere and experience will be one to remember. Make sure you outfit matches the part!

For tickets: SEXY: A Masquerade Party

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