Have you ever stopped to think if what you’re wearing makes you any money? Interesting question considering we get dressed every day and is used as an indicator to everyone we meet on who we are. Or better yet who we are perceived to be.

Admittedly, the majority get dressed haphazardly except a situation of importance. Such as a major event, client presentation or similar. Yet we come into contacts with colleagues, customers and potential customers every day. Therefore, knowing if what you wear is making you money or not is extremely important!

Two ways to determine if your wardrobe is working for you or against you is:

  1. How well does your wardrobe identify who you are and what you represent?
  2. How well does your wardrobe differentiate you positively in the marketplace?

That’s it. Easy to comprehend. Slightly harder to achieve. But if you have a closet full of items that accurately depict who you are and positively distinguish yourself in your industry you’re winning. You’ve effectively branded yourself through your wardrobe which is the means that most people encounter. If not, then you know where to start.


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