I work with a lot of realtors that come to me looking to improve their wardrobe brand in order to reach a higher price point in the homes they list or buyers they attract. Of course, I agree that their image and brand have an impact of the clientele they work with; but is it enough?

With the amount of noise if the marketplace; especially in 2019, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of who your target customer is. Why? Because without speaking to that customer directly in each of your marketing efforts it will be almost impossible to stand out.

Why you need an avatar?

Before I go into why an avatar is important let me first explain what an avatar is. A customer avatar is a fictitious character that represents your ideal customer. This is the exact client you want to do business with repeatedly. They align with your authentic brand and you’re able to fulfill their needs like no one else.

Although customer demographics and psychographics are a great starting point; they may not be specific enough. One thing I’ll touch on in my next article; Brand Cheat Codes, is that even within a specific demographic and psychographic set a multitude of buying variables still exist. Thus, not allowing you to penetrate deep enough to generate interest with your ideal customer.

Don’t worry about being too niche:

I’m sure the first concern you have is that by focusing your energies on too specific a customer you’ll miss out on other opportunities. Let me remind you that by specializing on one area doesn’t mean you neglect to serve other clients. Alternatively, by penetrating deeper within a specific market segment you should be able to scale quicker allowing you to broaden your scope even faster.

How to identify your avatar?

As mentioned earlier you start off by selecting the demographics and psychographics of your target customer. Then… you take it a step further. A common way is to create a story around this character but there is a multitude of strategies available online. The most important thing is at the end you’ll have determined a concise example of who your ideal customer is. What they do. Like. What are their pain points? How you specifically fulfil that need, ad infinitum.

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