Do you spend your day doing your most enjoyable work?
Does time fly because you’re working with your best clients?
If you said NO to either of these it could be because your personal brand needs repositioning.

Once you align your most AUTHENTIC self (personal brand) with your premier clients doing the projects you love to do you’ll no longer consider what you’re doing WORK!

My Luxury Branding 101 Master Session does exactly that!
It Includes:

  • Defining YOUR unique value proposition. (Brand identity)
  • Determining your ideal target demographic as well as product avatar.
  • Relationship mapping strategy for collaboration opportunities and customer attainment.
  • Defining your signature style that resonates with customers.
  • Approximately 3 hours in person.
  • A 15 day and 45 day follow up assessment and strategy call.

ONLY $1295! Let’s start Today!

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