Over the course of the last 3+ years, between clients I’ve worked with and the shows I produced I’ve gotten to dress all types of individuals. Men. Women. Young. Older. Various careers and backgrounds. You name it I’ve dressed it. And although each person is uniquely different the fundamental aspects of dressing everyone is the same.

I’ve talked about my process in numerous posts, but I wanted to share how you can implement it yourself. Therefore, here is my strategy for systematically developing a wardrobe you LOVE using my process.

The LifeSTYLest process!

Step 1. Define Your Style: Do you consider yourself conservative? Trendy? A trick I use with clients is having them identify celebrities whose style they admire and then try to find similarities between them.

Step 2. Career Meets Lifestyle: Your industry will have a big factor into how you dress as well as what you like to do in your off-time. I suggest separating your wardrobe into two categories at first. 9-5 and 5-9. Of course, there will be overlap and that’s the point. It’ll help you find items that can work for both as well as areas you’re lacking the most.

Step 3: Find What Flatters: This includes colors that compliment you as well as fits and fabrics suited for your body type. There are plenty of articles online that can help with this. However, if you would like me to write an article on suggested color or fits comment or email me.

Step 4: Be Frugal At First: When building your wardrobe there’s no time to splurge. To build a foundation I always recommend clients spend on 50-80% of what they’d be willing to spend on an investment item. Remember quantity (the right choices) lead to quality. #LookGoodDaily

Step 5: Make It Look Custom: Fit is paramount. I say it all the time. Finding a good tailor can/will save your life. Set aside 5-10% for alterations unless you shop at a store that offers them for free. By following these steps you’ll have an amazing collection of pieces that not only represent you but will have you feeling and looking good every day!


Shopping Will Change Forever


How To Shop Like A Wardrobe Stylist

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