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The best clothes to wear for your hair color - LifeSTYLest: Brandon Gaston, Image Consultant

Growing up in the Northwest the default wardrobe color of choice appears to be black.  I don’t know if it’s because we’re know for rain and have grey clouds all the time or if it’s due to our laidback vibe where black is easy because it matches.  (Although not all blacks are the same I’ll refrain for a later post). 

What most people don’t seem to understand is that the clothes you wear are supposed to draw attention up to your most prized asset: your face.  Therefore, wearing clothing that isn’t compatible with your hair color or drowns you out can defeat the purpose.  This may be why no one ever seems to look you in the face. 

The complexity of what colors look better of whom depends on a myriad of things. Skin tone and temperature, hair color, eye color and for women what color makeup, etc.  For now, let’s begin with hair color as this will provide you with a good foundation of the types of color compliment you.  I will dive into further detail on the other distinguishing characteristics in a future post.

Hair Color:

  1. Blonde: Wear pastels and cream. Swap out black with navy and wear smaller patterns.blonde hair
  2. Brunette: Wear bold colors and prints. Wear black with white for contrast.  You have the largest option for color choices.
  3. Red: Wear bold colors and earth tones. Wear blue instead of black and cream instead of white.  Stay away from pastels. Green also looks great.red hair
  4. Black: Wear bold colors and icy pastels. Wear black and white for contrast.  Avoid muted colors.

    black hair

  5. Gray: Wear grays including silver and jewel tones. Avoid tans and beige.  Opt for white instead.

As I mentioned earlier your eye color and skin temperature can also play a role into which colors look best; however, if you stick these guidelines you’ll be a step closer to wearing the colors and patterns that flatter!

In part two I’ll discuss the color and contrast theory for men as we typically stick to a smaller range of wardrobe color choices.

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