Attention grabbing. Over the top. A work of art. Whichever way you describe it Cardi B’s couture Thom Browne gown at the Met Gala it was indeed a showstopper.

While Cardi B commanded attention J. Lo took a more subtle approach. That is if you consider a blinged out Versace dress and a 129.48 carat Harry Winston diamond and sapphire necklace subtle.

Whichever way you slice it each superstar took a very different approach to showing up at the most star-studded fashion event of the year; the 2019 Met Gala.

When working with styling clients one of the questions I include is who their celebrity style icon is. The reason being is twofold. A lot of times people get dressed haphazardly or sheerly out of habit and have lost sense of what an aspirational wardrobe looks like. Secondly, it can be a great indication of their style personality and ultimately direct how I will attempt to outfit them.

With a new season approaching try this the next time you go shopping. Or create a mood board with some of your celebrity’s favorite outfits and look for patterns. Are you more classic or over the top? Colorful or abstract? Next step is to go shopping and try out what you find to see if it works for you. Worst case scenario is at least you’ll be thinking differently on how you get dressed.

In no time you’ll be ready for your next “Red Carpet” moment!

Have a “Red Carpet” event or need help selecting the perfect outfit? Check out my styling services that’s guaranteed to have you RED CARPET Worthy!

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