In advance of my Birth of an Agency Vlog and my increased desire to open up and give you guys an in depth look on how I’m growing my business, I decided to launch a new blog series of the same name.

The Birth of an Agency blog will provide weekly insight to what’s going on in my business. Struggles. Small wins! Setbacks and what’s on the horizon.

To begin I’ll also take you back to the beginning only 3.5 years ago before I went out on a limb and launched LifeSTYLest. At the time the idea of being a “high end” wardrobe stylist in Portland Orygon to those from not around here sounded ludicrous.

Once my vlog launches in a couple weeks follow along as this will allow me to provide a more in-depth view into what you see in the vlog. I can’t wait to show you guys what really goes down!

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