How do you build a wardrobe when you are starting from scratch? Of course, your budget matters but the principles are the same whether you’re starting a new career, just lost weight or simply want to start fresh.

The focus at the beginning is versatility. You need as many quality items that fit into your lifestyle. Although admittedly not the most exciting aspect of shopping, developing a foundation of staples allows you to look put together all the time regardless of setting. Plus, it’s the precursor for an elevated personal wardrobe.

One secret I use when working with clients is keeping every purchase between 50-80% of an investment item.

What doe’s that mean exactly? It’s simple. Since the goal is quantity over supreme quality, whatever is their purchase tolerance for an investment piece, we shop for the same item for half the cost.

For example: If you’d be willing to spend $200 on premium denim, then we’ll look for a pair around $100 and no more than $160.

The great thing about this is that quality is relative. Therefore, it works on every budget.

Is your wardrobe missing key essentials? Are you starting a new career? Try this the next time you’re shopping. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be amazed at how many outfit options you have once there’s nothing missing in your closet.

The face you make when you find that missing piece.


The 10% Rule

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