3 Steps to Look Great at Any Event. Every time!

We’ve all been there…an important event or gala approaches and you’re confronted with the nightmare of what to wear.  Or even worse, turning down the invitation because you dread having to come up with an outfit.

Dressing appropriately for events can seem daunting at times.  Especially in an area like the Pacific Northwest, where the dress code is a little, shall we say…undefined.

However, fret no more! Here are three fail proof ways to nail the perfect outfit – anytime, anywhere. You may even become known as one of the more stylish guests.  Here’s how!

1.   Know Your Intention:

One way I always make sure I’m dressed appropriately for any event, is by understanding my intention.  What image am I trying to convey and what response would I like to receive? Understanding this will direct me not only to the type of clothing I should wear (suit, blazer jeans, etc.), but it will also help in choosing color and accessory combinations.

Another way to understand your intention, is to come up with 3 adjectives to describe your look.  If your goal is to look professional, educated, and cultured, you may require an entirely different outfit than if you’re just wanting to look chic or debonair.

2.   Plan For Last Minute Adjustments:

By now you know I’m a stickler for fit.  Having clothes tailored to your body are single-handedly the most important factor in looking put together.

This means giving yourself enough time to make any last-minute alterations.  Even if your weight has fluctuated since the last time you wore that outfit, most tailors can accommodate 1-2 sizes up or down, depending on the item.

You should also plan your outfit a minimum of a week in advance.  Doing so will give your tailor enough time make any alterations, plus, it will save you from any additional stress on the day of the event.

3.   Dress Code Hack:

One of the greatest benefits of social media, is the Dress Code Hack. If you don’t know the dress code for an event and don’t want to seem out of the loop, simply look at pictures from the previous year’s event. If this is the first event, you can still look up similar events or peruse the event location to get an idea of ambiance and setting.

Another benefit of checking out previous year’s pictures, is the guests who were the best dressed are always being photographed. And get this…they WANT to be photographed.  Who doesn’t like taking pictures when they look and feel good? Then all you have to do is dress better than they did to be considered the most stylish!

The only downfall is the following year you’ll be the one in all the photos.

If you’re still too busy or don’t trust yourself to select the perfect outfit, why not turn this into a memorable experience and purchase my “Red Carpet Styling!” Champagne’s on me. Cheers!

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