Everyone is a brand and we all have influence… but over whom and what does it represent? In order to elevate your personal brand to the upper echelon of your industry you need to excel in three key areas.


When your looking to sell a luxury item as opposed to a commodity more will be required of you regarding credibility and reputation which is exactly what your brand represents. Your customer needs to know that you are not only an expert in your field but that you look and act like you belong. Another consideration, depending on what you sell is your relationship currency. Do you have access to the audience needed to make the sell? (Realtors)

Therefore, here are three things to consider when developing a luxury personal brand.

  1. Attractive Wardrobe Brand: This will have a lot to do with the industry you serve and the area you live but regardless you want to “look successful.” Additionally, since we’re discussing personal branding authenticity is a key differentiator between yourself and the competition.
  2. Relationship Brand Strategy: Relationship currency matters. You should develop a relationship strategy to create meaningful professional relationships but also, so you know the events, groups, and places to go to see and be seen.
  3. Social Brand Congruency: If your online presence doesn’t match your in-person persona you’re dead. You are no longer in control of where you make your first impression and even if it’s in person, having an online presence that substantiates what you say works wonders in the credibility department. We all know they’re checking. Use it to your advantage to elevate yourself even more!

Nail all three and you’re well on your way to establishing an excellent personal brand which will create more and more opportunities… you guessed it, elevate your personal brand!


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