Individual Wardrobe Styling & Branding

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Every individual wardrobe branding package begins with an image and lifestyle questionnaire. This is how I begin to get a glimpse into your lifestyle. Your likes and dislikes, shopping habits, as well as your career aspirations are information for me. From there we get to know one another and review your assessment, and we discuss what you are looking to accomplish, why, and what I can do to make this experience effortless and successful. Then the fun begins!

Step 1: In-home closet edit and wardrobe appraisal: Here I review your existing wardrobe to see what works and why. I find out about items you love and look for characteristics into why they work for you. This also allows me to create the foundation we need before going shopping. 

Step 2: By this point I’ve already established a strategy for success. I’ve created an itemized list prioritizing what you need and where to find it, while staying cognizant of your budget. I pre-shop the handpicked stores and boutiques, selecting items from your list. This ensures our outing is effective and allows you to maximize our time together.

Step 3: Fit is paramount, and no image upgrade would be complete without a trip to my preferred tailor (unless we’re ordering custom). A trim here and there will allow the outfits to drape perfectly, enhancing your shape and appearing like they were created just for you!

*LifeSTYLest will maintain an ongoing wardrobe portfolio on file for each styling package to ensure we stay up to date with your existing wardrobe needs and desires.

The Promotion

  • 1-hour in-home closet edit
  • 1-hour pre-shop at selected stores or boutiques
  • 2 hours in store shopping
  • 30 minutes tailoring session
  • Perfect for someone looking to revitalize their wardrobe or update their image

The Director

  • 1.5-hour in-home closet edit (60 min initial, 30 min follow up)
  • 2X 1-hour pre-shop at selected stores or boutiques
  • 2X 2 hours in store shopping
  • 2X 30 minutes tailoring session
  • Perfect for anyone looking to refresh and maintain their wardrobe throughout the year

The Executive

  • 2X 1-hour in-home closet edits
  • 4X 1-hour pre-shop at selected stores or boutiques
  • 4X 2 hours in store shopping
  • 4X 30 minutes tailoring session
  • Perfect for anyone looking to stay stylish and on trend, with seasonal updates to their wardrobe

Red Carpet Personal Shopping Package – $450 

  • Curated Wardrobe Selections From Up To Three Stores (1 hour)
  • Complete Outfit Styling, Including Shoes And Accessories (90 mins)
  • Accompaniment To Preferred Tailor To Achieve Immaculate Fit (30 mins)
  • Preliminary Image And Dress Code Appraisal (30 mins)
  • Ideal For Special Events, Galas, Weddings, Etc.

Closet Upgrade: Review and Renew – $295

  • In-Home Closet Audit And Outfit Reveal (90 mins)
  • Accompaniment To Preferred Tailor To Achieve Immaculate Fit (30 mins)
  • Preliminary Image And Lifestyle Appraisal (30 min)
  • Quintessential Way To Make The Most Of Your Existing Wardrobe. Ensure Everything You Wear Is Flattering To Your Body Type And Complimentary To Your Lifestyle.


Corporate Consulting Packages

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With Corporate Consulting Packages I’ll first send you an online questionnaire prior to our initial consultation. This allows me to learn more about your company, what your company brand stands for, what types of customers you work with, and your existing target demographic. It’ll also help me discover if there’s a target demographic or customers you’re looking to obtain you haven’t yet been able to attract.

It may be your corporate brand or your style brand is a part of the reason. If you’re trying to insert new products or services into the market it might change or switch up your target demographic. Next, we’ll meet in person where we’ll determine the answers to a few key questions. Does your existing image style meet or exceed your existing brand? Does it enhance it? Does it detract from it? We’ll review your existing wardrobe or dress code and if it’s in alignment with your branding expectations.

There are a few different services I offer your business or corporation. One may be the creation of a dress code if you don’t already have one. Another would be either updating or enhancing your existing corporate dress code. This would include determining if it’s attracting the customers you’re looking to acquire. What is the pricing level you’re looking to establish? What does that wardrobe look like, to not only convey that corporate identity, but also what would be pleasing to those customers? What are their expectations?

From there, we’ll look at the branding of your entire company, not just the executives who are face-to-face. How does that look from your executives on down to your sales people, on down to your office staff? We can actually customize and create a wardrobe based upon each department and their interactions with your customers. Once we actually select the type of needed wardrobe items, I’ll recommend particular stores offering those types of items, based upon your typical employee’s budgetary requirements.

Now it’s time to shop. We can do an individual session or we can do a group session. I’ll first go and pre-select items at a store and then meet, either individually or in a group, sitting with your staff, selecting those items, making sure they fit, look right, etc. We can also do a follow-up session either at your location or at a tailor, who would need to make the individual adjustments so each piece is flattering to each employee.

I also offer in-office presentations and/or fashion shows. The in-office presentations are scheduled once we’ve determined your brand and your identity. During the process I meet with your staff and conduct a seminar-type session where we’ll review the importance of branding, what your company’s branding is, the direction you’re going, why it’s important, and how to maintain your brand identity. Additionally, we’ll stress the importance of matching their own branding they’re utilizing to make sure everything is congruent with your existing brand.

Customized fashion shows can also be scheduled once we’ve determined your brand identity. We’ll feature the process of putting together different looks, different options, depending on the season, what’s in style, and what’s not. We’ll answer questions like, how do you take what’s trending and incorporate it into your company branding and what you wear for your business wardrobe? We’ll demonstrate what looks are compatible with different business environments, whether it’s a business casual situation, a presentation, or a company retreat. We can then provide follow ups, or even quarterly or semi-annual sessions.

I also offer monthly packages where, as you get new employees or as employees are promoted, they’ll learn how to update their wardrobe. Company retreat events are also available. Our goal is to make sure your brand is enhanced and congruent, from executive to entry-level employee, ensuring you’re projecting the most professional and profitable image possible!

Available Corporate Consulting Services:

  • Company Brand Assessment
  • Dress Code Creation
  • In-Office Staff Presentation
  • In-Office Fashion Show
  • Grooming/Makeup Tips
  • Personal Shopping With Staff
  • Business Trip Clothing Suggestions
  • Specific Clothing Suggestion Based On Department
  • Brand-Specific Networking Training
  • Assist In Corporate Brand Creation
  • Employee Headshot Styling (Makeup & Photography Services Available)
  • Marketing Material Styling (Makeup & Photography Services Available)

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