How To Maximize Your Wardrobe

Regardless of budget, when constructing your ideal wardrobe you want to achieve maximum flexibility while striving to always look impeccable. This means having outfits available for various occasions, weather conditions and special events. When you work with me I’ll help you achieve this process by selecting staple pieces that will provide a solid clothing foundation based upon your specific needs and requirements. From there I’ll educate you on how adding or subtracting color, texture and accessories help to provide a multitude of options allowing you to always look your best! Below is an example of how I took a few staple pieces and interchanged them to create various looks for different occasions and seasons. You’ll also see an explanation of the changes made to create the updated look.

Look #1

Professional/Casual summer. I’m wearing a linen blend double-breasted blazer, white dress shirt, and canary colored chinos.

Look #2

Professional/Casual spring/fall. I’ve swapped out the canary chinos for a darker purple color. I’ve also added a scarf for some seasonal warmth.

Look #3

Professional year round. I’ve swapped the linen blazer for a plaid wool version. I’ve also added a tie, which makes the look more formal.

Look #4

Professional year round. I’ve added the suit trousers to the jacket. I also swapped out ties to create a very traditional business outfit.

Look #5

Casual winter. I’ve replaced the jacket and button-down dress shirt for a turtleneck and camel topcoat. I’ve also added a scarf for more warmth.

Look #6

Professional/casual winter. I’ve swapped out the camel topcoat for a winter wool double-breasted jacket. I’ve also swapped the suit trousers for a darker colored Bordeaux chino.

Look #7

Casual fall/winter. I’ve swapped the turtleneck in favor of a white button-down shirt. I’ve also made the look more casual by wearing white jeans as opposed to the dark-colored chino.

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