Why Have Brandon Speak At Your Next Event?

Brandon’s motivational seminars center around one important theme… It’s all about branding!

  • What is it?
  • How does it apply to you professionally?
  • How does it apply to you personally?
  • How does it impact your career?
  • How does it apply to a corporation?
  • How do you determine what your brand is and what you aspire your brand to become?
  • How do you convey your brand through your style and image and how you portray yourself?

He will offer tips on how someone can enhance their personal brand. Attendees will discover how to know exactly what it is their existing brand is saying about them, and what they’d like it to say. He’ll provide suggestions broken down by..

  • Industry
  • Position
  • Desired career
  • Desired customer base
  • Target demographic, either professionally or as a company

He’ll emphasize the sheer importance of a brand.

  • How do you build a brand?
  • What is your brand?
  • How does the everyday decisions you make, as far as what you wear, effect your entire life?
  • How do you dress for a particular position you’re trying to achieve?
  • How do you speak?
  • How do you enter a room?
  • How do you exit a room?
  • How do you come across in conversation?

Brandon will provide tips on…

  • Clothing choice
  • What colors work for what skin tones

  • What outfits work for which body types
  • What you can do to stand out from the crowd
  • Making enhancements that allow you to stand out
  • General grooming

You’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s encompassed within your brand and how to build it ever stronger. How do you transpose your brand into your social media? Learn the types of things you might want to post, and what you might not. Attendees will discover the psychological impact of dressing and how it effects you in all aspects of your life. How others perceive you is important, but you’ll learn it’s even more important how you perceive yourself. It’s all about the core focus on becoming the person you want to be and how dressing well begins to define that and create forward momentum always pushing you towards that goal.

Custom Fashion Shows

Brandon also produces customized fashion shows for your event. These type of shows give everyone an idea of what they can aspire to become, how they can dress, and how they can look. The focus is on maximizing individual potential. Attendees will discover how to transition a look into current fashion trends and how it works within your particular industry. What might work for a realtor doesn’t necessarily work for a teacher. Therefore, for your particular niche market, for your particular company/group, how do you enhance a brand and how do you differentiate yourself? In essence, your brand is just an extension of your marketing, determining who your target demographic is and how to speak their language. Throughout the show Brandon will give tips on how to speak their language. For all in attendance it’s a fantastic starting point for enhancing their careers and lives, and living up to their limitless potential in the process!

Brandon Gaston, LifeSTYLest, Speaker
Brandon Gaston, LifeSTYLest, Speaker For Hire
Brandon Gaston, LifeSTYLest, Speaker For Hire
Brandon Gaston, LifeSTYLest, Speaker For Hire