LS Style Concierge Membership

LS Style Concierge was created for individuals that embody excellence in every aspect of their life. They understand the advantages of maintaining a meticulous image and the benefits it provides both internally and externally. They appreciate exquisite personalized service. They value memorable experiences that enhance their lifestyle.

It is within these core principles that LS Style Concierge was created.

Image Is Important: Fashion is art in motion. We all begin with a blank canvas and the opportunity of displaying our level of refinement. Our discernment of taste. Our appeal to the aesthetic. These daily sartorial decisions influence not only our inner psyche but also provides the lens to the world we occupy; thus, impacting the world we inhabit in a positive or negative way.

Looking Your Best Should Be Effortless: Being submerged with unlimited options has its pleasantries as well as disadvantages. However, once you’ve achieved your ideal aesthetic and silhouette; maintaining a look that’s timeless and appealing is an investment worth pursuing.

Shopping Should Be A Rewarding Experience: “I have the simplest taste. I am always satisfied with the best.” ~ Oscar Wilde. Shopping shouldn’t be considered a necessary evil but rather a celebration of personal expression. A moment of self-indulgence for the lifestyle you’ve achieved. It is just to partake of the luxuries life has to offer. You’ve earned it.


The Perfect Outfit Every Time

Take the guesswork out of what to wear with your own personal outfit portfolio.

Exclusive VIP Events

Get treated like a VIP at my exclusive LifeSTYLest events.

Custom Curated Wardrobe

A selection of garments tailored to enhance your lifestyle.

Impeccable Style On Demand

Expert guidance whenever you need it.

Personalized Experience

A rewarding break from the chaos.

Showcase Prominent Features

Pinpoint tailoring to ensure an immaculate fit.