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Brandon Gaston The LifeSTYLestFashion has always played an integral part of the person I am and the person I’m becoming. As an overweight kid I turned to sports and fashion to obtain confidence. Excelling in sports and becoming “the best dressed” overshadowed any weight issues and shined the light on my areas of achievement.

As the braces came off and I slimmed down; I no longer felt the need to be camouflaged. Instead I turned to my growing interest in fashion to become the center of attention. I even went as far as having my parents drive me to Seattle for school clothes shopping. This would ensure no one else was rocking my duds and I’d truly be one a kind.

Unable to draw and thus become a designer; I turned to my proficiency in numbers and entered the financial world as my area of employment. Over the 12+ years in this industry I’ve had opportunities to interact with some of the top companies in the Northwest. Seeing firsthand the characteristics of these companies has been a tremendous learning experience.

Through the pitfalls of growing my own company and eventually excelling in networking; I’ve also had the opportunity of meeting several eager new businessman and solopreneurs. Having benefited from experiencing both realities; I’ve seen up close the stark contrast of the companies that survive and the ones who fizzle away.

This is what has prompted me to embark on my new career of becoming an image consultant. Understanding the importance of branding and perception, I want to help corporations and professionals speak the language of their preferred client. We’re no longer living in the age where corporations have the ability to dictate their image in the eyes of the consumer.   Now more than ever we each represent our own individual brand, either enhancing or diminishing our corporate and/or professional credibility.

I will enhance your image by combining my corporate industry knowledge along with my fashion expertise. Being adept in both business and fashion trends will allow me to direct the fashion image embraced by your customer. In addition to improved confidence; you can expect higher closing percentages and dollars per transaction, thus increasing revenue and moral.

I look forward to helping you achieve your best years ever while becoming the best version of yourself imaginable!

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